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 PROFIL: Peste 30 ani experienta in psihiatrie clinica, peste 15 ani de  activitate de cercetare in proiecte internationale sub egida Organizatiei Mondiale a Sanatatii (OMS-Geneva) sau alte agentii sau universitati ( SUA si Suedia, Olanda, Austria, Ungaria), 7 ani experienta in utilizarea Clasificarii Internationale a Functionarii si Sanatatii a OMS (Geneva) si in facerea versiunii Romanesti , 4 ani experienta in studii clinice psihofarmacologice, 4 ani profesor asociat catedra de asistenta sociala, 7 ani experienta clinica in consiliere si interventie scurta pentru persoane aflate in criza situationala, 3 ani experienta in terapie familiala, peste 10 ani experienta in psihoterapie cognitiv-comportamentala, dialectic-comportamentala, mindfulness, supraspecializare in profilaxia si tratamentul tulburarilor addictive.

Castigator al premiul international: The ‘95 International Travel Award of College of Problems of Drug Dependence (USA)/ National Institute of Drug Abuse (USA)/ World Health Organization (Geneve, Switzerland)

Acest site ofera

1. informatii stiintifice si asistenta specifica profesionistilor (medici, psihologi, asistenti sociali, asistenti medicali, consilieri, psihoterapeuti, studenti, etc.)

2. suport terapeutic persoanelor cu tulburari psihologice aflate in nevoia de a gasi un ghid competent


1) Training course and Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, The Hicks-Dellcrest Center, Gail Apple Institute, Toronto, Canada, May 2008; 2)Training course in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, at Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, November, 2007; 3) Peer  Tobacco  Education  Training,  sponsored  by Smoke-Free   Ontario,  YMCA  of  Kitchener  Waterloo Cross  Cultural  Center   and    Community   Services,   Region   of    Waterloo    Public    Health,  2006;  4) Post-graduate  course  at  Interfaith  Institute  of  Couple  and  Family  Therapy,   K W Counselling   Services,  Kitchener,  ON,  Canada,  2005-2006; 5) Training course on drug safety, Munich, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute & Development, held in Munich, Germany, March 2004; 6) Training course and certificate of rater in PANSS organized by PharmaStar  (Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA) obtained in Vienna (Austria) and Munich (Germany) March 2004; 7) Scientific study visit and training course in Addiction Care and Treatment Services, Jellinek Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, February, 2003; 8) Training course on Rapid Assessment and Response Guide on Psychoactive Substance use and Sexual Risk behavior, organized by World Health Organization, held in Minsk, Belarus, March, 2002;  9) Training course and certificate of rater in Manic Disorders, Miami, Fl, USA, March 2001 (Certificate of rater in Young Mania Rating Scale- Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC Raritan, NJ, USA,  Prof. Dr. First, MD); 10) PhD degree in medicine, Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania, 1998; 11) NIAAA Didactic Workshop on Alcoholism Treatment Research Methodology, Konstancin, Poland, Sept. 1994; 12) NIAAA Didactic Workshop on Diagnostic and Assessment in Alcoholism, Rockville, MD and San Antonio TX, June, 1993; 13) Training course for investigators conducting the WHO Studies on Cross-cultural  Applicability Research, Amsterdam Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Sept, 1992; 14) Training course for investigators conducting the  WHO Studies on Cross-cultural Applicability Research, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, Dec. 1991; 15) WHO-training course in CIDI in Athens, Greece, Prof. Dr. Liketsos, Dec. 1991; 16) Residency in Clinical Psychiatry, Psychiatric Clinic “Eduard Pamfil” Timisoara, 1978-1982; 17) Training course in Geriatric Medicine at The National Institute for Gerontology and Geriatrics, Bucharest, Romania, 1978; 18) Training course in Public Health, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iassy, Romania,1978; 19) Military Medicine, Internal Medicine Branch, Faculty of Military Medicine, Bucharest, 1981; 20Graduate in Medicine in 1963, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania.


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